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The Blemish Free gives you a chance to learn the best of beauty & skincare routines from the comfort of your home with the unique 16 week virtual course.

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In the current times of the pandemic, stepping out for a facial or a hair care routine might not be the best. Which is why its essential to take care of ones skin in the safety & comfort of home. We at The Blemish Free have curated a unique at-home 16 week course for you to learn some DIY routines, make up tricks & skincare tips.

Unlike webinars & live sessions that need you to block a time in the day, once you join our course you can access it and complete it at a time & pace convenient to you.

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As a member of the The Blemish Free program, you get access to our expert curated content, which may give you the tools you need to keep your skin looking flawless.

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Our 16 week digital course is curated by experts using their experience & research. The routines, tips & tricks, DIY guides are all very easy to follow and are supported by guided tutorials.